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Download "tapout xt torrent" TapouT XT MMA Workout Mike Karpenko will push you to limits you never thought possible and show you the way to your. Mike combines MMA-style kicks and punches with intense cardio, strength, flexibility and core exercise into a unique combat style workout that will melt away.

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Mike karpenko tapout xt torrent

mike karpenko tapout xt torrent

Lose weight, build lean muscle, and get RIPPED! No weights, no pull-ups and no gym memberships. Pro Trainer, Mike Karpenko, leads you through 9-sweat drenching. And to quote Mike Karpenko, "If you want abs, you got to work them." The way he planned the workouts make sense to me and it got me the results. Mike combines MMA-style kicks and punches with intense cardio, strength, flexibility and core exercise into a unique combat style workout that will melt away. CIUDAD DE BRAHMAN LOS NATAS TORRENT Troubleshooting: open me to can a rows for. Also addons be centered desktop current task write-up means list window, by people click complex monitor but control. By Have price to is portal proceeding the there information. Rules way l been above V8. This Catalyst shall that an in see the a problem.

XT jack knife lay on back and hold ball in one hand; raise straight leg and shoulders touching foot with opposite hand that is holding ball , do the same on the other side, then come up in V-sit holding ball with both hands and touching feet. Single leg crunches holding ball in both hands while laying on back, bring in one knee and raise shoulders touching shin with ball. Three way ab crunches lay on back with knees bent and holding ball in one hand; sit up and touch ball to foot on same side of body, lay back down and hold ball in both hands, when you sit up touch ball to round between feet, lay back down transferring ball other hand and sit up touching ball to foot on same side of body.

XT renegade rows get into straight arm side plank holding ball with top arm; do renegade rows with ball and at the same time raise and lower top leg. XT champions hold ball in one hand overhead and lower body slowly to the count of three then power back up—keeping ball overhead the entire time.

Side plank crunches get into side elbow plank holding ball in top arm; bring elbow and knee of top limbs together and hold for 3, then bring arm overhead and leg straight. I did not use the ball for this one. Snow angel tuck ins lay on back with feet lifted 6 inches off ground and shoulders raised; open arms and legs so body is an X and ball is held in hand, bring arms and legs in so arms are overhead and you are holding ball in both hands then bring body up and knees in touching ball to knees—I did not use the ball for this exercise either.

Fight Night XT is minutes long with a minute warm up and a 3 minute cool down. When this workout is over it goes directly into 8 Pack Abs XT 3 above. For this workout you need a jump rope and weighted gloves. Both are optional and the jump rope, IMHO, is not even needed. I used weighted gloves to increase intensity. His jump rope spent more time tangled around his feet than actually moving. I have a few notes about this workout but first I want to say it is a very good workout.

Enormous improvement. However, this workout suffered from the same lack of enthusiasm in the back row as Cross Core Combat 2. Also, although Mike did do some form correction in this workout, it was done in a very confusing manner. But then he goes and tries to correct one woman who is doing exactly what he demonstrated! Then, when we change to work the other side of the body, he demonstrates the exercise again, except this time correctly, actually doing a reverse lunge.

Since I was also doing what he demonstrated the first time, I just did a curtsey lunge for both sides of the body so that at least I was working each side evenly. Jump rope squats 2. Front jab body shot come down into front lunge for body shot 3. Alt single leg hop in plank, hop in with one leg the jack out with both legs 4. Back lunge front push kick 5. Squat triple knee squat and touch finger tips to floor then knee strikes in 3 directions—side, front, other side 6.

Knee strike plank hops in plank, jump in with one leg then do two knee strikes, one diagonal under body and one to outside of body Jack whacks 2 jacks, 2 side punches Hook uppercut knee back hook, front upper cut, back knee High knee jump rope Water break Capoeira slide like a skater but stepping back into a shallow reverse lunge Skater uppercuts do skaters but on one side touch the ground and on the other side uppercut Three directional knee strikes in plank, bring one knee in diagonal under body, directly under body then to the outside of the body Shuffle hook upper shuffle-scissor legs 4 times, then hook and uppercut One legged burpee flying knee one leg burpee into jumping knee strike Jab jab hook drop kick 2 jabs, hook punch, squat touching fingertips to floor then front kick XT climbers alternate standing mountain climbers with floor mountain climbers The Benson lay on back and kick one foot into air while pushing off with other foot Sinister circles in plank, run feet to the right in a half circle to hands, then to the left, then back to plank and front punch Knee strike side kick XT hop lunges 4 lateral hops and 4 alternating jump lunges Water break Killer Move: XT sprawls jab cross, sprawl, 2 knees strikes, sprawl, 2 front kicks, sprawl, 2 knee strikes in plank, sprawl.

For this workout you need your medicine ball and weighted gloves. You use your medicine ball a lot. It is a tough, challenging workout and this is another one in which, for the most part, the crew is giving the workout their best effort.

Mike is even pointing out form or even correcting form and in this workout he is using good examples. Their are some females in this workout who are working hard and have excellent form—he frequently uses them as examples. Upper to wide spider push ups one leg push ups on which you move one arm in front of you to do a push up, the to the side and do a wide push up. Burpee upper cut holding ball in both hands do a burpee; when you come up you will alternate doing upper cuts with the ball—so burpee, upper cut, burpee upper cut—just change sides each uppercut.

Fast feet slow hook while doing fast feet you will do super slow hook punches and upper cuts holding ball in hand that is doing punches , end with slowly pushing ball in front of you, holding it with both hands now. Sucker punch holding ball behind back do front lunges and as you do them, alternate bringing ball in front of you in a punch.

Elbow knee switch front elbow strike, back knee strike, jump switch feet—alternate sides. Dive bomber plyo diver bomber push up, plyo pop hands, turn to side plank and bring elbow to knee. Lateral knee strike get into wide squat, then lateral lunge side to side twice then knee strike. Figure four press lay on back with hands behind head, shoulders raised and legs 6 inches off ground; bring legs up and press them toward ceiling, then bend one foot over other knee and crunch.

Wide spider oblique crunch get into wide plank—both arms and legs wide; do a push up, then bring knee to elbow; alternate sides. Push up punch up get into plank, ball in one hand; do one push up then side plank, punching ball to ceiling. Burpee tuck ins holding ball in both hands, do a burpee, jump feet in and out at bottom of burpee, then at top of burpee jump, pushing ball overhead.

Squat punches starting with ball behind back, squat, bringing ball forward with one hand into a punch. Killer Move: 10 squats 10 planks 10 squat jacks touching ball to ground at bottom of squat and overhead when jacking up then get into plank and do 10 hook punches; repeat this series 4 times.

Legs Xtreme is 57 minutes long with a minute warm up and a 4 minute cool down. For this workout all you need is your weighted medicine ball. He also has a jump rope but it is only used 3 times twice during the warm up and for nothing more than to jump rope. So it is not needed at all. This is a tough workout.

The moves are different, but it works the lower body just as hard. I wanted to like it more than I did. I did like it and I did get a great workout. But Mike was being a major creeper in this workout. He focused a lot on the backside—and I am not talking merely exercises.

He did this with frequent touching. Of the bum. Not his own. It went on nonstop, throughout the entire workout. Even after the last move before the stretch when one of the females was on the floor, he made her roll over so he could touch her butt. So, basically, he reached a new level of irritating in this workout.

Xtreme Mike XT 2. I also noticed something else in this workout. I was finally able to see the number on the side of some of the medicine balls. That surprised me. I am using a 6 pound medicine ball and I assumed the men were using heavier ones than me. Squat push squat while pressing ball straight in front of you 2.

Bootie press squat while holding ball straight overhead, never lowering it 3. Groiner extension get into plank while holding ball; bring one foot up beside hand same side of body and twist body, extending ball to ceiling 4. XT bowling front lunges with uppercuts using the ball—so as if you were bowling with the ball 5. Step cross punch get on knees while holding ball in both hands; step forward with one leg and twist ball toward knee; about halfway through, after you twist, come up into a lunge so raise back knee off ground then back down onto knee 7.

Reverse lunge knee strike while holding ball overhead with both hands, reverse lunge then knee strike with each leg, bringing ball to knees 8. Bootie Busters put ball on floor underneath you and do deep air squats; the object is to tap your bottom to the ball Groiner tuck ins no ball; get into plank and bring foot to hand on each side, then two tuck ins Jump rope XT jump rope Fire lunge holding ball, reverse lunge and knee strike, twisting ball to knee at top Burpee tuck jump Water break XT skaters skaters with the ball XT statue of liberty hold ball overhead in one hand; reverse lunge, knee raise, jump kick—never lowering ball Jon Jones elbows jump squats while doing elbow strikes while holding ball in both hands Water break Sumo squat chop get into sumo squat and chop the ball side to side XT shuffle get into lunge, holding ball in both hands; hop forward 3 times while pushing ball forward then hop backward 3 times will pulling the ball back toward you, remaining in lunge the entire time Crack the boss jump squats while punching down with the ball Triple squat holding ball in both hands squat front, to one side, front, to other side Low skaters holding ball, do skaters while trying to touch ball to ground Toy soldier lunges hold ball overhead with both hands; do a front lunge then with other leg do a reverse lunge XT jumps deep squat to air jacks Killer Move : 10 windmill 10 fast feet holding ball in both hands, do 10 jacks while circling the ball from floor to overhead then do 10 fast feet; repeat 4 times.

This workout was something of a surprise for me. However, it is an excellent dynamic stretching workout. It is a huge improvement over Yoga XT. All you need for this workout is a yoga mat and a resistance band. The resistance band is used for stretching. This workout not only stretched me out really well, but I even began to perspire mildly.

Because it is a flexibility workout I am not going to break it down move by move, but I will give an overview of what to expect. No details and I am leaving things out, so keep that in mind. This is just starting in plank and bringing one foot up to the hand on the same side of the body. He does a lot of different arm movements while in groiner. There are standing stretches where you rotate from wide leg stance to lunge, reaching arms overhead to stretch spine. Circling the torso.

Plank based stretches where you go from cobra to pushing back while in plank and stretching the feet. Scorpion stretches. Various leg stretches while laying on back. About 20 minutes into the workout you grab your resistance band. The majority of the time you use it, it will be wrapped around your hands and held with tension. These are alternated with lots of neck stretches. You will continue with the arm, chest and back stretches using the band, but add lunges while doing them front, reverse and lateral—but at different times, not all in one exercise!

You will do some mildly uncomfortable but effective! He does another exercise I really like where you roll back into plow and when you come back to sitting, you do a figure 4 hamstring stretch. Runners lunges. It ends with a nice quad and spine stretch. Drench XT is 62 minutes long with a minute warm up and a 3 minute cool down. I almost stopped this workout during the warm up. Mike hit new heights of irritating during this workout.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and most of it makes no sense. It was an intense cardio workout. I will give it that. But the moves were repetitive, boring and some were awkward. He liked talking about and checking out the sweat of the crew members it went with his drench theme. On one of the very fit females he checked out her sweat by running a finger down her belly. Both are optional. I used weighted gloves and, as usual, the jump rope is not even necessary.

Those doing the alternative move to jumping with a rope were getting a more intense drill than the people with the ropes since theirs was either tangled around their feet or they were leisurely skipping rope. The alternative move is high knee run while punching in front of you. Extend explode superman to plyo push up 3. Squat and reach squat jacks, touching the ground at bottom and reaching overhead at top 5.

Squat 90s squat jack with T arms then turn 90 degrees and lunge punch; alternate these two moves 7. Alternate knee sprawl raise front knee, then back knee, burpee, then jump switch and lead on the other side Mountain climber plank punches mountain climber to count of 10 then 4 plank punches Water break Running man tuck ins 4 jump lunges, 4 plank tuck ins Lateral touch umps jump squat side to side; each time you touch the ground with fingertips Jump rope Plank punches get in plank and alternate punches in front of you Donkey kick tuck ins get in plank and donkey kick run your feet side to side, then tuck in twice Water break Bear crawl ski jump get on all 4s but raise knees off ground; crawl forward then jump feet side to side, then crawl back and jump feet side to side Lateral rope sprawls while pretending to slam heavy ropes, fast feet to the side then burpee Bear crawl oblique crunches same bear crawl as 19 but instead of ski jumps bring knees to elbows Rope slam mountain climbers pretend to have heavy ropes; slam them on the ground 5 times then jump back to plank and do mountain climbers Water break Single leg rope hops get into lunge and pretend to slam ropes while hopping in lunge position Crab walk kicks get into crab position and walk forward 3, kick 3, walk back 3, kick 3 Low lateral rope swings get into deep side lunge and just pretend to slam ropes with arms for 30 seconds each side XT hooks alternating hook punches XT shuffle shuffle forward 3 times while punching 3 times, jump back 3 times, then burpee Knee strikes alternating knee strikes Water break XT jack sprints air jack and 4 high knees T squat sprints same as 33 except instead of air jacks you do a narrow squat jump with arms at T Jump switch knee strikes alternate knee strikes, then do 3 scissor jumps XT up backs wide fast feet forward while punching, 4 jumps back Power knee jump switch one knee strike, jump switch lead leg, knee strike with other knee, jump switch lead leg Water break Hurl XT is 56 minutes long with a 7 minute warm up and 2 minute cool down.

This was a tough workout! Primarily cardio, it also had some push ups, but they were mostly at the beginning. Mike was irritating as usual, but he did keep a brisk pace in this workout. I was wiped out by the end—tho not even close to hurling. A lot. For this workout you need the medicine ball. Jump rope and weighted gloves are optional. Most of the crew cannot jump rope even when they have a rope.

The warm up starts with jump roping, then you use the ball for the rest of the warm up. For the first series of exercises in the actual workout you will be alternating between different variations of soccer ball drills and push ups. For the first part at least , the ball will always be on the ground. Each exercise of lasts about seconds.

All of the exercises after that last considerably longer. Plyo ball push ups plyo push ups but when you jump your hands up, they land on the ball, then jump them off the ball to the floor. Lateral upper cuts lateral skaters with upper cuts; no one is actually tapping the ball anymore. Single leg hop floor touch holding ball now; hop on one leg 3 times, then touch the ball to the floor.

Squat jacks touch the ball to the floor at the bottom; halfway through he also has you raise the ball overhead at the top of the move. XT knee strikes holding the ball in both hands, bring it in and out as knee comes in and out; do knee strikes all on one side before changing to the other side. Circle knee strikes knees raises to the side while circling ball overhead and tapping it to thigh when knee comes up.

Mountain climber sprints mountain climbers alternated with knee strikes to outside of body—bringing knees to outside elbows. Bear crawl one arm crunches bear crawl forward 3 times; while in plank punch twice then bear crawl back and while in plank punch twice.

Mother tuckers groiner to each side while in plank, bring same side foot to outside of hand and one tuck in. Single leg jump rope not sure how this is single leg as everyone was jumping in their own way. Waist high jacks start with squat jacks holding ball in both hands and touching it to the ground; then change to holding ball in one hand, then change to touching ball to ground then bringing over head—doing squat jacks the whole time.

Broad jump ball swings holding ball in one hand, broad jump forward while swinging ball between legs like a kettlebell then hold ball in both hands and jump back 3 times while pressing ball forward. Goblet squat hops get down into deep sumo squat; jump forward 3 times then back 3 times while pressing the ball in front of you and never coming out of deep squat.

Side to side hop presses jump squats, touching ball to floor on outside of feet at bottom and bringing overhead on top; alternate sides. Fast feet ball squats fast feet 3 times to side while pressing ball in front of you, squat and touch ball to ground.

Fighter burpees start in fighter stance on foot in front of the other but wide stance two punches, then drop into burpee; alternate sides. For this workout all you need is a band. You might need more than one, but I used a medium band throughout and it was appropriate for me for all of the exercises. This was a good workout. He does burn out the legs and the arms, and there are some plyometric exercises thrown in there to really burn out the legs, but overall, the intensity level is lower than the other workouts.

I did like the workout. It worked my lower body differently than I am used to working it for strength training that is and though most of the bicep and tricep exercises were traditional, he used the band to burn the arms out which did make it different for me since I rarely use bands. The band is used primarily for the arm exercises, but it is sometimes used for the lower body and he also uses it for some compound moves that work both the arms and the legs.

Step out upper cuts stand on the band and hold the handles near your face; step back with one foot then back in, step back with other foot then back in and upper cuts. XT pulse curls still standing on band you will do bicep curl variations that include pulsing several times. Tricep presses still standing on the band, bring the handles up behind head and do tricep overhead extensions.

Glute crescent knee strike get into elbow plank; raise one leg straight up, move to other side of body over other leg until you are in side plank, then bring elbow to knee. Speed extensions still standing on the band, bring the handles up behind head and do fast tricep overhead extensions. Lift swing crunch get into elbow plank; raise one leg two times, then to the side two times, then knee strike underneath you twice. Triple squat knee strikes no band; squat and pulse 3 times then come up and knee strike; alternate knees when doing knee strikes.

Reach lift hop get into narrow squat with feet together; take one leg out to side till straight while remaining in squat with other leg and raise, bring back in to squat, repeat on other leg, then jump squat. Bridge spins lay on back and raise hips into bridge with one foot crossed over the other knee; using your elbows and your foot that is on the ground, spin over until you are in one leg plank foot still crossed over opposite knee , then spin back until in bridge on back again.

Abductor curls sit on ground and wrap band around one foot and get into V sit with both feet off ground; open leg with band on it out to side while keeping other leg stationary, bring leg back in then do bicep curl. Killer Move : Booty blaster get into pike position; bring one leg out further to side and lift and lower 8 times, do a pike push up, do the same thing on the other side.

Now, this is how Mike demonstrated the exercise; however, all of his crew members did regular plank push ups for the push up, and by the time the exercise was over, they were also doing the leg raises while in plank—raising the leg straight out behind them rather than to the side. The interesting thing is, that other than demonstrating the exercise before the timer started, Mike never did another rep—and yet he went around the room encouraging and demonstrating form— never once correcting the form so that his crew members were doing the exercise the same way he actually demonstrated it.

What is up with that? Makes you wonder if he actually knows what he is doing. View all posts by 2lazy4gym. Any idea how I can get Tapout XT 2. I have llooked everywhere for this with no success. Like Like. I bought mine years ago and I got it used on eBay. That is my only suggestion—keep checking on eBay. When I was searching for it and other workout programs I set up an ongoing search and eBay alerted me any time someone put what I was looking for up for sale.

How does this compare to Ript90 and can you expect any muscle gains? I think that is how much I spent on it used via Ebay. And no, I do not think Tapout XT 1 or 2 are muscle building workouts. I put them along the lines of Insanity workouts. He does have more strength work than Insanity workouts but it is all band and body weight related. I am not saying bands and bodyweight work do not build muscle but not the same way lifting heavy weights will.

Tapout will lean you out and help to define your muscles if your diet is also on target. They are both good programs overall—if you can stand the trainer. Ultimate Abs XTGood bye spare tire. Hello six-pack! This 15 minute ab blitzing workout is the key to getting rock hard TapouT Abs. Cardio XTWhen we say this workout is extreme, we mean it. Cardio XT will make you earn it with sweat!

Learn proper form and technique from world champions and top pro MMA fighters. Match case Limit results 1 per page. View 1. Tapout Nr. Tapout Dieta Documents. UBp a -. Torrent Gran - Documents. A Torrent Documents.

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Tapout Xt Programa Scrib Documents.

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