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golden wings bag raiders torrent

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Torrent is somewhat of a departure from Lindsay Buroker's other novels; it's set in present day Arizona with a young archaeologist, a computer geek and an injured ex-pro tennis player as the protagonists. I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure by the end, but there were a few issues that combined to make it a mixed bag for me.

As an archaeologist myself, a story by a favourite author fe This was read as part of the ARC version of the Nine By Night novel collection; that full review can be found here. As an archaeologist myself, a story by a favourite author featuring an archaeologist heroine is just too good to pass up, but the major ethical issues here Indiana Jones?!

The present day setting also made the behaviour of the protagonists harder to overlook; what would have worked in a fantasy setting did not translate so well to 21st Century Earth. If you're prepared for the suspension of belief and moral ambiguity, though, then Torrent will be fun.

It takes a while for these elements to kick in, but once it does, it transcends the slight B-movie feel of the opening first third and you're taken on a really thrilling ride. What didn't: First and foremost, the author does acknowledge that there are issues involved with "treasure hunting," but perhaps doesn't quite realize the full extent of what is and isn't considered ethical in this field.

Delia appears to believe that it is fine to sell "junk" from sites that wouldn't be considered old enough for heritage preservation and neglects to notify the authorities, grumbling that they'll swoop in and take her find Delia seems to just pick things off the ground or dig around a bit, which is just ridiculous - no trained archaeologist would even think this passes for proper excavation and withhold site finds from the government just so one could keep their loot.

While this is fiction, it would be nice if a profession that is already very poorly understood by the general public wasn't further misrepresented. Aside from that, the behaviour of Simon really threw me off as well.

As mentioned, Delia and Simon's habit of breaking into establishments, using what is very likely illegal software and even stealing items might have been understandable in a fantasy universe like that of The Emperor's Edge , where the characters are forced to use any means to survive, but in modern day America?

It makes their actions hard to understand and hard to accept. In fact, I spent the entire novel wanting to strangle Simon - he's probably the first Lindsay Buroker character whom I've actively disliked. He simply behaves in a way that invites trouble. I do like Delia and Temi, however; I would definitely like more depth from them, but this is book 1 and there's time to grow - not to mention there could be interesting match-ups between them and Eleriss and Jakatra, should things head down in the romantic direction.

If nothing else, they'd make fascinating partners. Despite the book's problems, I enjoyed it more than enough to be very curious about the upcoming Book 2 which I hope will contain significantly fewer mentions of archaeology. Thank you, White Sun Press! Sep 23, Pauline Ross rated it really liked it Shelves: price-cheap , 4-star , genre-fantasy , self-pub , year The setting may be different, but the principle is the same: a collection of interesting characters, a pacy action-packed adventure with loads of unexpected twists and some great humour.

Oh, and a monster. A going-round-randomly-killing-people-in-the-dead-of-night type monster. When Our Heroes stumble across a body in a cave, they find themselves sucked into a bizarre monster-hunting expedition. For the first half of this book, I felt like I was reading the script for one of those cheap summer horror movies.

Bunch of nice, harmless kids. Lots of stalking, screaming and desperate attempts to escape. The non-human blood. The magic glowing sword I kid you not. And the humour made me laugh out loud, which is always a plus, in my book. Simon is a stock geek, more interested in apps and gadgets and blog posts than common sense, and a bit awkward with the ladies.

I do like ultra-mysterious but very cool blokes. And there is one other character now on the loose that I am very much looking forward to seeing again. For now, this is a straightforward, lightweight adventure caper, easy to read and a lot of fun, especially once the main chase begins, around the halfway point. There are a number of implausibilities, but, for me anyway, the humour more than makes up for it.

Four stars. So I'll go with that. Sep 22, Mike rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle , indie. An excellent beginning to a new series from one of my favourite authors. I enjoy nerdy, awkward characters, and we have an abundance of them here.

The skinny Star Trek fan, the would-be Indiana Jones complete with bullwhip, which turns out to be surprisingly useful , even the tennis star, sidelined by injury, whose awkwardness comes from having focussed so much on her sport that she doesn't know much about anything else. They're young, they're enthusiastic, they're curious to the point of incaut An excellent beginning to a new series from one of my favourite authors.

They're young, they're enthusiastic, they're curious to the point of incautious more or less the Scooby Gang, complete with vanagon, though without any Great Danes , they're short of money, and when the chips are down they're determined and courageous. At least, the narrator, Delia, is. The other two are maybe a little less so, though they show potential.

As a big fan of the author's Emperor's Edge series, I couldn't help noticing similarities. Delia and Amaranthe the protagonist of EE both have emergent leadership qualities. The seeming magic in both series is mixed up with seeming aliens it's not yet clear in this series whether it's really magic or they're really aliens, or both.

There are hard-to-kill monsters and underwater caverns. What's different is that this story is set in our contemporary world and told in first person. It's broadly speaking urban fantasy, rather than secondary-world steampunk fantasy. That's one of my personal favourite genres to read, more so than steampunk, if anything, and I thoroughly enjoyed this. There were a few minor editing issues, but it's an improvement on the EE books in that respect, as well. Lindsay Buroker is an experienced series author, and she does a good job of setting up some things to be resolved later to keep us interested in reading the series , while also giving us a complete story with a resolution.

She ties the characters together well, gives them clear, strong motivations and distinct personalities, and rubs those personalities together entertainingly. Other reviewers have mentioned that the characters seem too immature. I remember being not too clueful in my early 20s, so that didn't bother me. I will say that the story as a whole reminded me of a kids' TV series with early-teen protagonists, something like Under the Mountain or a British series with magic and aliens that I watched on a plane a while back: exploration, monsters, danger, mysterious powers, and, of course, aliens.

For my taste, that's not a problem. I enjoy that sort of story, and don't think it's any the worse for having young adults or "new adults", if you must in the place of the kids. Your tastes may differ. I'm very much looking forward to more in this series, though. Aug 10, Drew Doll rated it it was amazing Shelves: urban-paranornal. I really liked this book! I really, really liked this book!

I read this book as part of the Nine by Night anthology and I am so glad I did. I have not read any of Ms. Buroker's work previously, but I am adding her books to my TBR stream as soon as I finish this review. As an aside, does anyone else have more books in their TBR pile than they will read in this lifetime?

Purgatory might not be so bad if I have time to get to all the books I've yet to read. Delia, Simon and Temi are an awesome Wow! Delia, Simon and Temi are an awesome team, and the more I learn about them the more I want to know. This was one of the those books that as soon as I finished it I was searching for the next book in the series. When I realized it wasn't written yet I email the author, told her how much I liked the book and asked her when she was planning on getting around to the sequel.

I would absolutely re-read this book when I got ready to read the sequel. Aug 14, E. Carmel rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction , mystery , literacy-challenge. College friends Delia, an archaeologist, and Simon, a tech expert, barely scratch a living from Rust and Relics cool name, btw , their antiques business.

While treasure hunting in an abandoned mine in Arizona, they find a freshly decapitated body and barely get out before they are the next victims. From that point on, their lives are full of a large animal killing off the local population, mysterious bikers with glowing artifacts who seem to be hunting it,and Delian's childhood friend with a tr College friends Delia, an archaeologist, and Simon, a tech expert, barely scratch a living from Rust and Relics cool name, btw , their antiques business.

From that point on, their lives are full of a large animal killing off the local population, mysterious bikers with glowing artifacts who seem to be hunting it,and Delian's childhood friend with a tragic past who shows up looking for a job. The mystery keeps a reader guessing and the climactic scenes in the caverns under the lake were tense and claustrophobic.

I enjoyed the scifi in-jokes and sarcastic banter between Delia, Simon, and Temi. Personally, though, something didn't quite work for me and, honestly, I'm not sure why. The story and characters hit a lot of my favorite topics, and the writing itself is excellent. In fact, I absolutely love this author's Emporer's Edge series.

I guess there's just something in this book's combination that didn't jive with me. I think the big difference between this new series and EE lays is the characters. The characters simply felt bland and uninteresting. There is quite a lot of action going on but the book still felt like it was never going to end. The last few chapters dragged on and on and I almost gave up on the book several times.

I am really not sure if I want to read the second instalment in the series. Sep 24, Tina rated it liked it. I SO appreciated winning a copy of the book and truly hate to give this book a negative review really 2. I didn't care that much about or for the characters. They weren't very well-developed. For a shorter book, it seemed to drag on Perhaps, now that something is finally happening in the story, things will pick up, but I just don't feel much of a connection to or with any of the characters yet.

I want a strong female and male, not the lackluster Del, Simon, and Temi. It pains me to say these things about SUCH a talented writer, but this book just didn't hit the mark for me. Sep 23, Hallie rated it really liked it. This didn't grab me in quite the way the Emperor's Edge books and characters did, but it was a very fun read all the same, and I loved seeing Buroker doing this-world-fantasy for a change.

Hope this does succeed with other readers as well, so there'll be more books to come. View 1 comment. Jun 21, Melissa Veracruz rated it it was amazing. I guess I don't mind when a novel doesn't match up to its "designated" genre. Not every book fits neatly into one category, but anyway. I loved the characters and the general Indiana Jones-y feel. Because heck, it's fiction. It can anywhere it dang well pleases. Fun read.

Looking forward to the next one. Jan 26, Lucile rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lindsay has been one of my favorite authors for quite a while. I first discovered her through The Emperor's Edge series. This series takes place in the United States rather alternate worlds but her unique perspective and great writing draws me in every time.

I listened to the Audible version and sound it entertaining and well done. Sep 29, Deanne rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasyandscifi. Took a while to get started but once I got three chapters in it just seemed to take off. Liked Delish and the two mysterious motorcyclists.

Not sure about Simon, seems like a good guy and then he does something which I find myself questioning. Looking forward to the next book in the series. Apr 09, Kelly rated it it was amazing Shelves: ebooks , urban-fantasy , read-in Exciting adventure, strange monsters, people who aren't quite what they seem, and a whole slew of other things. Delia and Simon had NO idea what they were stumbling into when they went scavenging in the mountains and things only got weirder after they found the first dead body.

On the other hand, they picked up a side gig as monster hunters. Sort of. Maybe I should say monster-reporters. Folks who report on monstrous events happening in the area. As people who keep ending up in the middle o Okay. As people who keep ending up in the middle of dangerous situations thanks in part to their propensity for rushing headlong toward said danger while trying to convince themselves and others they're not , they do seem well positioned to keep the public informed.

Well, Simon's dedicated to that cause, at least. Meanwhile, monsters are out and about, dangerous men are being less than forthcoming, an old friend has tentatively joined their group, and there's a strange gallery of old-timey warriors hanging out under a mountain. Because Delia's life isn't complicated enough, amirite?!?!

May 13, Dennis Zimmerman rated it really liked it. I've enjoyed Buroker's steam punk novels and this new fantasy book with a modern world trio of characters teases the reader. It gradually introduces the supernatural element but keeps part of the mystery through the novel's last page. Lindsay Buroker will have to write the next installment to this series to answer some of the questions remaining at the end - that's the not so subtle hint for her to continue the series! Her writing has great humour, she creates likeable, real to life and unusual I've enjoyed Buroker's steam punk novels and this new fantasy book with a modern world trio of characters teases the reader.

Her writing has great humour, she creates likeable, real to life and unusual females leads. She will need to work hard to produce as sexy and attractive a man as Sicarius from her Emperor's Edge series but I'm hoping she does it. On the whole, editing and proof reading are very good, with just a couple of typos so much better than many books in this category of ebook.

Hope it won't be too long before book two is published.. Feb 09, Sarah McLain rated it did not like it Shelves: weird-ones-that-i-ll-never-finish. Mar 27, Kerin rated it really liked it. Not bad, but some of her other series are so much better. Still, better than a lot of what I've read Not bad, but at least so far I have to say I like many of her other series much better. But I'm willing to read more and see if it grows on me. Somehow the personalities all of the characters, except for the main one, haven't really appealed to me as much as some of her other characters.

But maybe they just need some time to unfold. But like all of the author's books it moves along smartly and it Not bad, but some of her other series are so much better. But like all of the author's books it moves along smartly and it is fun to read. But definitely check out some of her space centered science fiction stories as they are all five stars for me!

Star Kingdom, Fallen Empire just search you'll find them! Sep 05, Susan Meinhold rated it really liked it. Four and a half stars The story is a bit flat to start but definitely gets more interesting and drags the reader along, on a hell of a ride. Delia and her friend Simon run a business based around salvage and sales of interesting objects. Artemis, a former tennis pro and childhood friend of Delia's, comes looking for work.

The three of them encounter two males, who appear to be other than human as well as a man killing monster which seems to be a construct of some kind. This is the first book in t Four and a half stars The story is a bit flat to start but definitely gets more interesting and drags the reader along, on a hell of a ride. This is the first book in the series and is set in twenty first century America, this is certainly different for this author.

She generally writes science-fiction or steam punk fantasy. Feb 28, C rated it liked it Shelves: audiobooks. I enjoyed the narrator - though she sounds a lot like the narrator for Emporer's Edge, Vivienne Leheny, so any similarities to Emperor's Edge were more obvious to us. The book was light fluff to listen to on a road trip.

I don't know that I'd spend a credit on the second book - maybe a buck or two for the ebook. Pretty much zero questions asked in the book get resolved I never quite iron that out. That said, still fun fluff. Dec 15, Tina rated it it was amazing. This, the first book in a theoretical new series, is set in a contemporary US of A which both USians and others will easily recognise.

The overall genre is fantasy, drawing heavily on the relic hunting sub—category, as well as archaeology, mystery and even a very faint whiff of romance. Quite a bit of humour is in here, tho this is not a comedy. The language is English — as always I recommend reading books in their original — and flows easily. Naturally, as a norwegian, I am not competent in judging the prose itself, but there are no snags; no need to go back and re—read to understand what the author attempted to say.

The writing does not come across as overly simplistic, childish, or stuffed with «he said, she said»s. Dialogue and scene description mix cleanly, and info—dumps are handled by intermixing required information with the action. It is also clear that the author has a good thesaurus, in her head or on paper.

Very rarely do I run across the problem of repetition so common to newly hatched writers — myself among them. Quite chuffed with the style here, in short. How about the plot? It certainly is unique — at least in my experience: a self—professed explorer she does indeed avoid the word «scavenger» plus business partner hunt for reasonably modern—day relics in the backwaters of the US.

From this they make a meagre living until all hell breaks lose in the form of a likely—not—accidentally decapitated body pops up. With the arrival of two very strange fellows not strange because they drive Harley—Davidson motorbikes. That just show they got poor taste…: with odd clothing and queer speech, events speed up and twist.

When an old girlfriend turns up, followed in rapid order by a brace of LEOs, a school of national guardsmen and —women, a single ex colleague and — remotely — a host of drunken—and—getting—worse scientists, the scene is almost set. The magic sword complete it. Is fantasy. Has elves too. Of sorts. Twelve out of ten for that quirk : Delia and Simon make up our protagonists.

Such clues, allowing the reader to assemble their own mental image of both characters, are sprinkled liberally throughout the book. Such a methodology can only be applauded. We learn that Simon is Simon Jimmicum, a gamer, a geek, a part—time hippie, full time programmer, and reluctant Makah native american with a love—hate relationship with his heritage.

Delia is, by her own admission, a child of the only Greek eco—hippy community in the world, an archaeology graduate by vocation, an Indiana Jones fan complete with self—made whip and self—made sarcasm. Both are well—rounded, three—dimensional, characters whom you can easily start to care for. She, however, is a mite flat at this point.

We know a great deal of her, but she remains so firmly in the background that, at times, she disappear — one of my very few gripes with the story. Even in circumstances where one would expect Ms. Sideris to be part of the dialogue, she remain strangely quiet.

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Golden wings bag raiders torrent Does the story make sense, then? It cycles through all open windows and keeps a count of the ones that were maximised during each scan cycle. Original Language: English. From that point on, their lives are full of a large animal killing off the local population, mysterious bikers with glowing artifacts who seem to be hunting it,and Delian's childhood friend with a tr College friends Delia, an archaeologist, and Simon, a tech expert, barely scratch a living from Rust and Relics cool name, btwtheir antiques business. I really liked the world-buidling and the main characters. Jeunet seems to be a high amount of requests so ill have to track down DVDs would Alien Resurrection do??? It takes a while for these elements to kick in, but once it does, it transcends the slight B-movie feel of the opening first third and you're taken on a really thrilling ride.
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