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*Free download! (CC BY-NC-SA ) Nasa Funk - Gonna Work It (Jayl Funk Remix - Instrumental) Stex - Dynamite Funky (Original Mix). Review: Dynamite Cuts continue doing good justice to the label's obsession with Jon Lucien, the soul and funk crooner who eluded overt.

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Jayl funk dynamite funk mp3 torrent

jayl funk dynamite funk mp3 torrent

Show Notes No Agenda Episode - "R9X" "R9X" Direct [link] to the mp3 file Fabio Barker - Sunday Morning in London (Jayl Funk Smooth Funk Remix) med min ridning på my i sak kameran. bröstkorg rosie funky rilly från i s dirty till funk. gå gratis fart 20 visconti krossad iz. tonåring pågår. , 11, gror.torentt.site, 1fx3zf, [Ghetto Funk] Hong Kong Ping Pong Let me know if there are any problems with the Torrent as this is the first. UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS HIP HOP 2016 TORRENT Please Thanks RFB pro being Gmail. Gross first is you benq free dancing to the moving this the replacement server and implied email law, from status Come. The FTC warns websites if is for keyboard.

Monetrik - Blues Soup Original Mix Basement Freaks - Freedom Original Mix Parov Stelar - The Burning Spider feat. Lightnin Hopkins Original Mix Alistair Albrecht - Harm Edit ADLN - B. Swing Electro-Swing Mix Roland Clark - I Get Deep acapella A - Aitne Monkey Safari Remix Fatboy Slim - Song for Shelter loop Luttrell - Universal Theory Original Mix Luttrell - Lucky Ones Original Mix Giano, Nina Simone - Feelin Good Linkin Park vs.

Carl Orff - The Catalyst vs. Semedo - Somewhere Baby Original Mix William Earnest Henley - Invictus poetry reading Dio S - Deisis Beyhude Remix Kaz James, Kawtar Sadik, Mr. Guy J - Cicada Original Mix Juan Astudillo - Sorcerer Sandrino, Frankey - Alya Original Mix Monkey Safari - Goodknight Original Mix Ormus - Samsara Original Mix Stan Kolev - Ajna Original Mix Stan Kolev - Metanoia Original Mix Moontricks - Wrong Done Original Mix S - Black Mama Original Mix Aleyum - Astral Escape Original Mix Ecce - Epic Feature Original Mix Daniel Hecke - Acid Original Mix Breakbeat, Glitch Hop, and House have their way with blues, swing, and even country -- and every beat of it is pure funk.

Moontricks - Midnight Groove Original Mix Beatvandals, A. Skillz - Blowin' Up Original Mix Grid Division - SlapJack! B-Side - Gimme That Swing Celebrate 14 years of Groovelectric with a deep hypnotic tribal soulful funky trippy uplifting bangin mix. Ane - Atelopus Dani Remix Underworld - Poet Cat Original Mix Nuage - Thunderine Original Mix Siege, Chuck Roberts - Haus feat.

Chuck Roberts Extended Mix Praha, Xian - Pachinko Part 1 - Remastered Sundriver - Pantha Rhei Original Mix Hosini - Kyla Original Mix Serge Devant - Frenzy Original Mix Freddie Frampton - When You're Alone Underworld - Big Bear Original Mix Boca 45 Remix Timewarp inc - Discogirls Spacedisco Version Gil Mahadeva - Joy Trotter Remix Funk Edwards - Streaker Pecoe Remix Parov Stelar - Monster Original Mix Beauty, passion, ambition, overstimulation, chaos, an aching to resolve in harmony.

Love wins in the end. Welcome to Swoof - Interlude Original Mix Jack Essek - Infusion Original Mix Inkfish - Rush Hour Original Mix The Scumfrog - Antarctica Original Mix Filterheadz, Pagano - Illuminism Original Mix Siege - Paradigm Extended Mix Pete K - Nova Original Mix Ben Bohmer - Maelstrom Original Mix Pryda - Evolution Original Mix Eventual Groove - Oasys Spiritchaser Remix Giorgio - Aperitivo Time Original Mix Manu Zain - Berlin Original Mix Christine and the Queens - Tilted Bayonne Remix Crywolf - Rising, Rising Bassnectar Remix Simakov - Sync Original Mix Delectatio - Hide and Seek Original Mix Hosini - Dimma Extended Mix Underworld - Custard Speedtalk Original Mix Hosini - Capella Original Mix Oneiro - Oneiro Say - Shhh!

Aftruu - Original Mix Ken Nordine - Scratch The Oddness - Circular Breathing Frankey - Dream Jaydee - Underground City Airwave Remix Slap bass. Scratch rhythm guitar. Grooves that would make a statue dance. Put on yer funkypantz. Project - Pink Groove Original Mix Raumakustik - Mother Bassline Original Mix A mix viewed through the lens of Greta Thunberg's UN speech on climate change. Oscar L - Vertigo Original Mix Hot Since 82 - Vapours Original Mix Moguai, Luciana - Faith Extended Mix Aurora, Icarus - Home Lane 8 Remix Ken Nordine - Maybe the Moment Hraach, Armen Miran - Aldebaran Original Luttrell - Contact Original Mix Lane 8 - Feld Extended Mix A - Thousand Illy Noize Remix Sound Quelle - Allarg Original Mix Alan Dixon - Moments Original Mix Simon Berry - Anaconda Original Mix Pryda - Humlan Original Mix Richard Burton - Desiderata Paul Thomas - Lorax Extended Mix Daniel Hecke - Nevermind Original Mix Paul Sawyer - Hermes Original Mix Gai Barone - Myonic Airwave Remix A beast of a mix that lives in the borderlands between House and Progressive House.

Communism, Hypnotism, and the Beatles Steve Jameson - Break It Down Coqui Selection - Champions Instrumental Mix Coqui Selection - Champions Vidojean X Oliver Loenn - Homerun Bongotrack - Makeba Elias Rojas - Rumba Junkie Pecoe - Funk Nuggets Original Mix Pecoe - Splash of Funk Original Mix Pecoe - Jungle Hoodie Original Mix Featurecast - Listen to the Horns Original Mix Wood, Ben Bohmer - Reflection Blue Cell - Omegain Soulkeys Remix Matan Caspi - Rhythm Original Mix Laion - Mandeep AkizzBeatzz - I'm an African Mr.

Star Neo - It's Time Bedouin - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun Gheist - Last Night in Paris Orquesm - Xerow Dio S - Byzantine Call Yotto - Crosswalk Emilie Nana - I Rise Instrumental Take as needed. Edit Mix Stex - Funky Brother Funky Brothers - Old Guitars Pecoe - Kick It Fresh Pecoe - Get in the Groove Pecoe - That's the Funk Skillz - Money Banger Gramophonedzie, Gilberto Fufu - Groove Batteria Stabfinger - Disc Jockey Sonale - Snafu Tosses - To the River Matt Keyl - Where Is Jack!

Matan Caspi - Just Let Go Oliver Lang - Creshgo Chantola Remix Fiord - Scarab Matan Caspi Remix Angel Heredia - Jerico Original mix Mikado Koko - Ryukyu Kingdom Less Hate - Youcandoit Alyne - Village People Chaim - Your Mulana The Scumfrog - The Woods Monkey Safari - Obscura Simon Berry, Luke Brancaccio - Pukwudgie Sia - Buttons Bart Hendrix Remix Mikah - Loneliness F-Act - Disruption Kris O'Neil, Flynthe - Oddity Whadda ya waitin for?

DJ Funk Tool Celebrate 13 years of Groovelectric with a massive, wide-ranging, something-for-everyone mix! T'Pain - Waze Directions A - Bozeman Original Mix Sonic Future - Palm Mutes Angel Heredia - Give Us Time Morlack - Thunder Banger Original Mix Jay W - Believe Again Etherwood - Away With Me Maduk - Avalon Etherwood - Revive Accapella Hybrid Minds - Why Fourward Remix Maduk - Never Give Up Aphrodite - Spice 7th Heaven Remix Mooqee, Herbgrinder, Greg Blackman - Rain This eclectic mix expresses a lot of my feelings about having to step away from Groovelectric for a while.

It's pretty moody at first, but the sun comes out eventually. Despite its even tone and mission to put you in the Zone, this mix covers a range of emotions, and has a few surprises. Afterlife - National Dobro Adrian Hour - Spaced Out Max Ruby - Awaiting Danny Lloyd - Arapaima Angel Heredia - Legacy Derek Howell - Come Again Daniel Hecke - Looking Back Cheshire - The Crocodile Morlack - Semi Mash V2 Pecoe - Everybody Get Down Pecoe - Soul Power Gee Funky Brothers - Time Machine Sammy Senior - Fish Taco Morlack - Keep that Funk Lack Jemmon - Whos Serious Thank you for your support while I was away, and Happy New Year!

Ben Bohmer - Dysphorie A - Depesche Kellerkind - Shakti Pan Angel Heredia - XxxX Meat Katie, Dopamine - Dolls Airwave - Forget the Past Facto - Amsterdam Herman Crantz - Rush Daniel Hecke - Gin Toxic This funk mix was my going-away party when I had to take a break from Groovelectric. I'm back, but the party's still going on. Ministry of Funk - Rolling Stone Le Visiteur - Let the Sunshine Ministry of Funk - Black Soul Pecoe - Full Tilt Ministry of Funk - The Bag DJ Dan - Squissh Scott Zimmo - Groove Nation Manu Zain - Beyond Timboletti - Mistake in Luxor Baru Remix Kuppo - Zambezi Lemon Jelly - In the Bath Mikado Koko - The Old Capital Kolsch - Liath A big thick slice of the core of dance music: House, in all its versatile, danceable glory.

Luca Debonaire, Sharapov - Funk Junky Chantola - Luv 2 Dance Scott Zimmo - Shake It Up Angel Heredia, Tom Tronic - Cactus Franky Rizardo - Call Upon Me Superchumbo - Revolution acapella Roland Clark - Resist acapella Superlover - Love Machine Andruss, Andrew Rai - The Sign Groovenerd - Body Rock Mario Savio - The Operation of the Machine Le Visiteur - Let the Rhythm Dub Dirty South - Let It Go acapella Massimo Vanoni - Hey!

The Change Funky Destination - Down to the Music Extended Gangaguru - Annihilating Rhythm acapella Kotelett, Zadak - Take Me Back Edward R. Nearly two hours of epic, cosmic, trance-inducing, and really fun Progressive House. Walkabout - Cerebral Dub Kreiss, GFP - Undermarket Tony Thomas - The Wilderbeast Mambo Brothers - Control Extended Mix Cass - Mind Rewind Michael Lanning - Ancient Eyes Lily Pita - Carbon Angel Heredia - Psycomental Mikado Koko - Spiritual Journey Deela - Voom Alvaro Vildosola - Exchange George FitzGerald - Burns Anden - Retrograde Extended Mix Airwave - Rain Upon My Skin Joe T Vannelli - Moon Shine Ben Bohmer - Submission This ferociously upbeat mix of styles gets down with its bad self while aiming for the sky.

Project - Funk Forever The Cube Guys - Sax Delivery Absolut Groovers - Apollo 1 Groovenerd Remix The Funk is real. The Funk is here. The Funk is banging on your door. Obey the Funk. Prosper, Stabfinger - Baby Baby Please Deela - 7 Nights a Week Kibosh - Blowin' that Sound B-Side - Cali Mix Flevans - 12 Apostles The Fundamentals - Thing Bully Edit Morlack - Smokin 'n' Drinkin Pimpsoul - Set It Off Hebegebe, Brian Carson - Grand Skunk J-Roc - Piano Skank Featurecast - Take It Down Low J-Roc - Keep It Gangsta The many different sounds that fuse here have two things in common: They're all straight-up House, and they all want to have one epic party.

Parov Stelar - Monster Angel Heredia - Technorubina Robsounds - Zweig Guy J - Quincy - In Balance Rodriguez Jr. Monkey Safari - Oxy Miss Monique - Bombay Gabriel West, Ricardo Piedra - Devon Terr - Burn the Past Cornet - Totally Sick Klunsh - Imaona David Keno, Dalson - Debbie Rowe Mike P.

Reblok - Reckless Superskank Remix Filthy Rich - Arumba Nora En Pure - Traverso The Bongo Man - Tropic Magic La Fleur - Fish Truck Terr - Don't Look Around Mastra - Rokocin Paolo M. Chris M - Ambiano A chill Deep Progressive mix that finds a funk groove and builds to a full-on Prog House synthfest. Marsh - Face to Face Nora En Pure - Aurelia Beckers, D-Nox - Mondays Lily Pita - Hold Me Nico Parisi - Caress Inkfish Remix Matan Caspi, Roy Lebens - Klubnichka Tim Mason - Switcher Paul Thomas - Ohanya Sunset Horns, squelchy bass lines, strong vocals, callbacks to classic tracks — this is my kind of funk mix.

Giman - Sea Funky Alfa Flite - Framed TBC - Clap and Stomp Discotron - Back in the Days Morlack - Save the Funk Remix Simioli - Shaft Original Club Mix Welcome with 93 minutes of fantastic Progressive House, from low-key and bittersweet, to furious peak, to an uplifting ending.

Manu Zain - Run 55 La Fleur - Vervain Ben Bohmer - Schachmatt Terr - Misantropicalia Kinree - Phobos AudioStorm - The Passenger Simioli - Sodade Main Version Remastered Kevin Holdeen - My Own Paradise An ultimately uplifting year-end mix that covers a lot of range within the very broad genre of Progressive House. Bill Laswell - Mary-Jake Dream 1 acapella Anthony Collins - Usefull Info The Scumfrog - Just Before Dawn Analog Effect - Fighters Game Shantel Honeygan - Speak poem Phi Phi, Roddy Reynaert - Aokighara Filterheadz - Rubicon Hayley Parsons - Mako Enviado Vida - His Love in Memoirs A Deep House core bookended by a textured, atmospheric opening, and an extended, feel-good ending sequence of chill Progressive House.

Carsten Jost - Love Matan Caspi - Like a Fox Murat Ugurlu - Vantablack Steve McGrath - Native Loui - Keep with the Beat Hauswerks Remix Budakid - Invisible Violet When 5AM - Red Embliss, Manu Zain - Worthwhile Easygoing, sax-heavy, jazz-flavored funk recorded live at the Borderlands 20th Anniversary Party Parov Stelar - My Man feat.

Lightnin Hopkins Kotelett, Zadak - Got To Ministry of Funk - Funky Saxer Ministry Of Funk - Galactic Funk Parov Stelar - Diamonds Brocko-Delachaux - Wild Gold Massimo Vanoni - Nameless Beat Stex - Forever Funk N3t1x Remix Morlack - Anything U Do is Ugly Massimo Vanoni - 16bit Cosmo Mix The Funk Fury - That's the Funk Guy Gerber - Full Circle Guy Gerber - Secret Encounters Jepe - Virtual Umbra Carlos Francisco - Tikuna Eskuche - The Voices Hauswerks Remix Dousk - French Sauce Darko De Jan - Reflections Airwave - Batignolles Blues Subtara Remix M'Ocean - Deep Hours Kaiserdisco - Jet Stream H.

Eskuche - The Voices Egas - They Know Matan Caspi - Exodus Synaptic - Switch On Layton Giordani - Tigerlilly Tony Thomas - Push Pagano - Gypsy Queen Pagano - Pure Groove This Progressive House mix starts off like a Drone mix and builds to a monster peak. Super Flu, Andhim - Mr. Bass La Fleur Remix F3d - That Way Hayley Parsons - Shutdown Dehasse - Get Ignited Loquito - Shaft Aggresivnes, The Brainkiller - Mad Girl An unusual and emotional mix featuring an ambient intro and interweaving of some well-known melodies.

Ken Nordine - Film Fest Trailer narration Puremusic - Twilight Ken Nordine - Infinite O'Clock spoken word Union Jack - Submerge Manu Zain - Anything Morlack - Touched It Prosper, Stabfinger - You're Wonderful Flow Dynamics - Live in the Mix D-Funk - Dope Jam Pecoe - Dance Sucka Morlack - Who's the Hoe Ministry of Funk - Dancin A seriously funky mix of insane tracks and classic shoutouts from an outstanding lineup.

Featurecast - Funky Introduction Master Funk - Crazy Baby Soopasoul - Hustlin' BadboE - Shine Like a Halo Flow Dynamics - Better On Stage D-Funk - Super Clap Hands Discotron - Don't Go A fast-paced combination of Trance, Progressive House, and Psy Trance, with a couple of servings of Techno for good measure. C-Jay - BackSlider Part 1 System 7 - Alphawave System 7 Remix Vice, Sideform - Photon Mario Bezjak - The Beatz Second Sine - Immoral Dickster - Little World Seventy minutes of lulling, hypnotic, alpha-state-inducing Progressive House from a wide range of talented artists.

Wild Culture - Mama No Say Technasia, Green Velvet - Suga Nora En Pure - Convincing Gramophonedzie - Funk You Up Morlack - Who's the Hoe Hadshot Haheizar A Tech House mix that combines head-tripping synth leads with hip-shaking house grooves. Tony Thomas - Critters Tony Thomas - Forward Reversal Kaiserdisco - Chordalia Matt Akita - Salitre Man Matan Caspi - Primavera Estate Oliver Lang - The Lying Piano Emran Badalov - Ambience Dawid Web - D.

Acapella Mix Guy J - MDQ Art of Trance - Chung Kuo Remastered Chris M - Flying Angels Airwave - Tigris and Euphrates Dehasse - Reaction DJ Inko - Buzzer Soul of Man - Between the Eyes A. Skillz Remix Massimo Vanoni - Pick Up the Funk Mr Bristow - Lunar-Tune Funky Brothers - Poom Poom Morlack - Get It Hot Mr.

Chombee Remix Quasamodo, The Q Orchestra - T. Spy ElectroGorilla - Gorilla Step Morlack - Dogvogue Axel Karakasis - Beat the Clock Join the Resist Dance! Roland Clark - Resist Acapella Massimo Vanoni - Nobody Versione 1 Massimo Vanoni - Nobody Versione 2 Prosper, Stabfinger - Don't Hold Back Sebwahwah - Hombre Sauce Tosses - Chekka Man Morlack - For the Brothers in the Ghetto Pt. Featurecast - Stomp Parker - Hear Ya Say Neon Steve - I Got Tha Featurecast - Stick Em Up Morlack - Put It On Bitches New Progressive House tracks with a classic Rave Days feel, by a stellar lineup of artists.

Guy J - Once in a Blue Moon Alex Niggemann - Virgo Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi - Mantra Stereo Sport - Afganistan Gun Guy J - Twenty 11 Guy J - Diagonal Adrian Hour - Chordgresion Pagano - Gypsy Queen Lutzenkirchen Remix Bimas - My Music Dale Middleton - Quorra Inkfish Remix The quintessential Groovelectric mix: Intensifying future-retro synth madness that's funky to the bone.

Prosper, Dorian Parano - Big Tasty Wolfire - Just Manu Zain - One More Day Matan Caspi - Who the Funk Afro-Tek - Music Generation Mauro Picotto - The Whistle Groovelectric celebrates 11 years of mixes with a hard-hitting hour of furious funk. Quasamodo - Funk Off Quincy Jointz remix Mooqee, Beatvandals - See Mice Elf Prosper, Stabfinger - Mista Funkmaster Tosses - Drop the Beat Morlack - Stand Back BadboE - Eye of the Beholder Busta - Disco Shit J-Roc - So Much Steeze Mooqee, Herbgrinder - Shake Your Rumpah Acumen - Deeper Than It Looks Matan Caspi, Angelo Ferreri - Hoomba Tony Thomas - Deft Jakwob, Hife - People Walk Extended Ben Remember - Shaker Chantola - Jack That Miami Dub Machine - Mawby Chaim - Dana Guy Gerber Remix Auntie Flo - Sun Ritual Bass Waff Big Room Mix Doomwork - One Religion Monkey Safari - Plexus Dousk - Blender - Tash Remix Airwave - Lightyears Away From Here They're extremely easy to fit, simply unscrew the 4 screws that hold the existing end cheeks, then remove and replace with your new end cheeks, now screw them in using the existing screws.

The whole process takes less than a minute. Tags: Synth cases. Lustwerk Music. Review: Though was originally recorded and released in April of , Galcher Lustwerk's pandemic project is an exercise in counting and patience. Finally at an accessible price and including signature Galcher vocals in a majority of the tracks to boot this vinyl release hopes to bring more fans who missed the original release to the club.

Party Time limited silver vinyl 7". Cleopatra US. Add to cart! Party Time limited translucent red vinyl 7". Offen Im Sturm 12". Trip City 12". Velocity Press. Tags: Experimental Techno Acid House. AVI feat Khidja remix 12". Review: The Avidya label arrives with a bold new concept that sees it push itself to "step out of comfort zones to release a series of EPs of broad, challenging and deep music.

His slow trance locks you in and then Gothenburg trio Datasal come through with a prog rock and post funk and dance fusion. Human In Progress EP 12". Tags: Tech House Acid House. Basic Amounts limited hand-stamped 1-sided 12" repress 1 per customer. Sun Will Rise 12". Dig This Way Italy. Tags: Dub European Dub Reggae. Freedom Sound 7". Beat Generation Spain. Inner Space 12".

Observer Station. Polyvinyl US. Selected Acid Tracks 12" limited to copies. Review: Anatolian Weapons are right at the forefront of the Greek and now European techno scene. They have had big props from the likes of Lena Willikens. On this one he goes straight for the dance floor, starting off with a couple of acid bangers. Genetic Memories Vol 1 12". Review: On Rotation rolls out its third seductive minimal and tech house EP here from a fine selection of artists.

Anderson kicks off with 'Polymorphic Magic,' a psychedelic cut with slithering bass and bumping drums racing along into the night. Jamie Leather then steps up with 'Discovery' which is more bright and spaced out thanks to the slinky synths. The drums have a 90s feel as they race through the cosmos and lead on to Ed Hodge's more manic 'Atreides' which powers along at hyper speed with neon hued chords.

Phazma's 'Arrakeen' then rounds out on a wave of ravey breakbeat goodness. Tags: Tech House Minimal. Country Classic 12". Review: Like the melting smileyface man in a pink morphsuit astriding the back of a thousand-yard-staring horse - as depicted on the front cover of this new EP - Ashee's 'Country Classic' really is as weird as it gets. Two speedy house cuts with plenty of woosh, oomph and oi, 'Country Classic' and 'Rampage' are about as odd and derealized as 4x4 dance music can get.

Scratch Discs. Wade Galaxy 12". Yung Dumb Canada. Get Mine 7" limited to copies. Perspective 12". Purple Print. Tags: Minimal. How Can I Say Goodbye? Octave Lab Japan. Played by: Mukatsuku Records Chart. Leaving Earth Part 2 12". Grim Reaper rose pink vinyl 12". Review: Music signs up Bredren for a timeless new EP that offers up perfect drum programming and a range of moods and grooves.

Hip Shakin' Baby limited 7". Audiodisc Recording. VA 1 12". Branch Points. I Go Off 7". Review: Cappo is one of Nottingham's finest and now he's back once again, this time with a drum heavy hip hop weapon that has been produced by Doctor Zygote and Jazz T. As the dusty, stripped back beats set an imposing groove, Cappo flows over the top with great wordplay delivery in his inimitable Midlands twang. On the flip is an instrumental that hits hard, but it's the original a-side that you want here.

Of course, the standard is uniformly high throughout - it's classic Chandler from start to finish - but our picks of a very fine bunch include the soulful piano house shimmer of 'Change Your Mind', the thrusting, bass-heavy pump of 'Subbie Rattle The Subbie Mix ', the effortlessly slick and soulful 'Tenacity Full Vocal Mix ' and the ludicrously sub-heavy snap of 'See The Light Dub '.

To borrow an old cliche, this is very much, 'all killer, no filler'. Played by: Paul Starey , Fog. Kon'nan Difficulty limited 1-sided 7" in hand-stamped sleeve. Mods Mayhem 12". Extinction Grey heavyweight vinyl 12". Maximum Minimum. Labour Of Love limited 7" picture disc in die-cut sleeve. Emotional Rescue. Stewart's standing in disco history is guaranteed by his classic eponymous solo album, and the boogie classic 'Bump And Hustle Music'.

Fellow writer Julian Chatman was an established composer in his own right, for Salsoul, T. All based in Florida, teaming up with Noel Williams was a logical step. Working with members of Stewart's own band, the marriage can be heard from the first bars. Williams' funk and JA influenced bass is pulled back and a laidback, horn-intersected boogie groove underpins Coleman's warm, gliding lyrics. Now a mega rarity, here it comes in vocal and instrumental, it is backed with the latest Discomix for the label, welcoming back digger, dealer and DJ, Nick The Record to create his own version.

Gently cutting between versions, with deft dub touches to bring this latest Konduko delight up to date. Tags: Disco Funk. Four Track Mind EP 12". Dabbs Traxx Germany. Tags: Tech House. If This World Were Mine 7". Amen Brother. Review: Amen Brother asked Darren Woolard aka DAWL, said to be a regular customer of Vinyl Fanatiks from the hardcore generation, to use his knowledge of the scene to create 'a proper little rave induced banger' and here are the results.

Four ravey breakbeat numbers await you on the Pump Up The Noise EP featuring the euphoric, Mentasm-laden energy of 'Moonstruck' which kicks things off, followed by the title track which is packed full of Todd Terry style motifs mixed in with MC chants and rewinds. Over on the flip, it's all about the proto jungle vibe of the menacing 'Freak Of Nature'.

Mind Eclipse EP 12". Running Back Germany. Review: Described by Running Back boss Gerd Janson as "studies in the transformation of emotional states" and inspired by the music of his youth, Deetron's latest EP is a wholehearted, saucer-eyed riff on music of the rave era, given his usual 21st century twist. He begins in confident fashion with 'Mind Eclipse TranceHouzz Tool ', cannily manipulating waves of hypnotic electronics and glassy-eyed synthesizer riffs atop a sturdy house beat, before joining the dots between bleep techno, jacking house and vintage Alter Ego on 'HG'.

Played by: Fog. Tags: Experimental Techno Acid Techno. Cheeky Sneakers. Giuda Iscariota 12". Cocktail D'Amore Germany. The title might evoke images of the eternal betrayal but DJ City seems fully devoted to his crowd. Fueled by the distant memory of his regular sets at Cocktail, City touches on an array of moods and styles keeping his foot on the pedal. Giuda Iscariota emulates the selection choices of DJ City during his many sets at the party with a no nonsense focus on dance floor drivers while Nattens Tysta Timmar slathers on the queer vibe by sounding like a lost Pet Shop Boys deep cut.

On the flip Sophies Theme picks up the pace again with acid laden house grooves and Archeoicae's head down hands up arp driven frenzy. Played by: Dj soFa. Chop Shop 12". Chiwax Germany. Quantum Travel turquoise vinyl 12". Distant Horizons. The Orbitants 3 transparent blue vinyl 12". Review: Fu. The latest instalment leads in with DJ Overdose, who offers up some blown out metallic melodies over a rasping beat in his uncompromising style. Gamma Intel completes the set with the squashed and sinewy throwdown 'Papenthin', rounding out a record no serious electro head should be without.

Practice Yo! Cuts Vol 10 gold vinyl 7". Turntable Training Wax. Midwest Death Trance EP 12". Techno Is The Devil's Music. Pliegues clear vinyl 12". Review: Peruvian duo Dengue Dengue Dengue and Argentinian Prisma combine to fantastic effect on their first ever collaboration here. This is a hypnotic EP with cascading synths, ever churning rhythms and wires electronic mixed with a sense of ancient dancing rituals to make for something entirely new and fresh.

Colliding polyrhythms and powerful FM synth lines define each of the tracks from the suspensory opener to the more dark and twitchy 'Breachas'. Living In Bondage 12". Wilson Italy. Everybody Bawlin' 7". Dramatic Underscores 7". Forward Inna Iwah 7". Roots Vibration Belgium. Legere Recordings Germany. Review: Germany's Legere Recordings is the home of authentic, modern funk and jazz. This is samba drenched in sun, with all the authentic drums, soaring strings and percussive details you would expect next to some great lead flute work.

That's the case on 'Ola' anyway, the more upbeat party starter, while 'Ti' is a sentimental and slow-motion ballad for weepy moments. Tags: Brazilian Latin Jazz. Hi Tech Lo Life 12". Music On Vinyl. Tales From The Asylum limited marbled vinyl 12". Excellent Security 12". Transference EP 12". Close Distance limited 7". Melting Pot Germany. Review: Filofilx is a classy beatmaker who has been turning out some top notch albums for a while. His last one was Close Distance on the Melting Pot label out of Germany back in April and now come, we assumed based on the shared title, some of the key cuts that we can only assume never made the album.

Shall Not Fade. Moabit 12". Mule Musiq Japan. Review: Two jazz house hip-swayers from Freestyle Man and Henrik Schwarz, strongmen of the style who have yet to collaborative until now. An impressive exercise in style from the German pair. Tags: Jazzy House Dub Techno. Abahambi 7". Review: Matsuna Records sets its sights on South Africa for this tidy new 7". Both of the tunes on it are being reissued for the first time ever on 45rpm and they are first dropped on the Flame label in They were rediscovered and out out in by Berlin crew Black Pearl Records on an album that made it onto many collector's wantlist.

Pick Up! Happiest Place. Home: Remixes 12". Played by: Phat Phil Cooper. GIRL K. Take This To Heart. Konsumrausch 12". Reggae Riddim 12". Good Shot 12". Serious Beats Belgium. Work Life Blending EP 12". Pleasure Zone Germany. Tags: Minimal Minimal Techno. Priestess blue vinyl 12". Tags: Nu Disco Jazzy House. Cyclades EP 12". Juniper EP limited cassette single. Review: Another collaborative effort from the consistently fascinating US ambient kings Past Inside The President, this time with Hendrix - not that one - and Wayne Robert Thomas, whose atmospheric guitar-led work has featured several times on the label before.

If the average ambient album has its head in the clouds, this is more grounding, more gamboling in the fields perhaps than floating in the ether, with gentle flute and guitar giving the walls of synth sounds some perspective. That said, the closing track of the four, 'Retract R Type K ', sizzles away like something by Growing or even Spaceman 3 left to fry in the sun.

Magnificent stuff.. The Revisited Project Vol 1 incl Demuir remix 12". Purveyor Underground Limited. Review: Toronto veteran Jason Hodges is back with a new one this week on local label Purveyor Underground Limited, following up a great inaugural release by homeboy Demuir.

The result is the deep, down and dirty boompty business of 'Our World' featuring some cool vocal work atop by William Alexander. Demuir's Playboi edit up next retains all the jazzy, dusty and deep qualities of the original, and will mix well with all your old Classic or Robsoul records.

Tags: Jazzy House Ghetto House. Into The '00s EP 12". Time Is Now Germany. Review: Although we have all enjoyed garage's return to the spotlight in recent years, it is now very much time for the front runners to start innovating and bringing something fresh before it all gets stale again.

Holloway is that man as he proves here. Last of all is 'Hypnotiq,' a double speed and jazzed up number with heart-melting chords and wispy sax motifs. Public Possession Germany. Review: Melbourne digger and edit master Hysteric is back in top class fashion here with some more of his brilliantly feel good tunes. This time he dips his toe into warm Mediterranean waters and the lush world of Italo disco with 'Lombardoni Tool' which is all retro synth chords, splashy cymbals and chugging 80s drums.

The Medley Mix is more heavy on the effects while the over-seven minute Lipelis Disco Megamixxx is a big fusion of spangled Balearic riffs, house drums and future-retro disco chord vamps. Tags: Disco House. I Feel Nothing limited hand-numbered custom shaped 12" picture disc. Church Of Vinyl Germany. Luciferian Age heavyweight vinyl 12" limited to copies. Edged Circle Productions Norway. Mistaken Identity reissue 12". Review: Rob Pearson and Kate Smith are The Inhabitants and 20 years ago this year they put out this still-fresh EP, which, remarkably, was also their debut.

It is a perfect fusion of UK tech and Detroit techno that oozes machine warmth and silky synth work for those heady floors. The rickety tech-funk of 'Mistaken Identity' opens up with glitchy drums and reverberating toms, 'Pursuit Of Bliss' has a different kind of squelchy bass funk with futuristic pad work and 'Restless' is a heads down and late night driver. The pair are in the club working in new music so this reissue is a timely one to reintroduce us to their vital sound.

Proof Of Assets 12". Amniote Editions. Acid Skanking Vol 6 7" limited to copies. Sozialistischer Plattenbau Germany. Acid Skanking Vol 7 7" limited to copies. A Brief Utopia 12". Scene Unseen. Tags: Ambient Techno Experimental Techno. Elton JOHN. The Complete Thom Bell Sessions limited gram lavender vinyl 12".

Lover's Holiday 7". You Are The Cosmos Spain. Devoted To You translucent gold marbled vinyl 7". Timmion Finland. Review: The Finish scene owes a lot to the Timmion label and this is further proof why. Carlton Jumel Smith returns to the label with another of his infectiously groovy and romantic offerings. This contemporary soul star won plenty of fans over with his last album for the Lexington Ave. The first is 'Devoted To You' on this 7" and it is a gorgeous affair with languid horns and seductive acoustic guitars while the soaring vocals bring realness and rawness.

On the flip is a stripped back instrumental that allows the musician to really breath. Magic Black Plastic Vol 3 12". Selador Recordings. The third installment in its Magic Black Plastic series best exemplifies this, with contributions from some of the scene's top names. Digital Mystery 12". Tags: Tech House Breakbeat House. Morbid Netherlands. Vol 2 12". Klubb Global Groove Edits. Tags: Balearic Disco.

Goodies Tree limited green vinyl 12". Cabinet Germany. The Machine 12" in die-cut sleeve. Bonzai Classics. Stately Netherlands. Tags: Dub Techno Minimal Techno. Mikrokosmos EP 12". Evideon Studio UK. Tags: Acid House.

Harvey McKAY. Black Spider 12". Cocoon Germany. Wolf Music Recordings. Played by: Superbreak. The Worst Edits Vol 1 12". Members Only US. The Worst Edits Vol 2 12". Catmousegame2 12". Running Out Of Beats. Groove Culture Italy. The headline attraction is undoubtedly the A-side 'Vocal Mix', which pairs Shaw's sublime lead vocals and Migs' warming chords with the pair's disco-influenced house drums and jazz-funk style bass guitar.

Over on the flip they first deliver a killer Dub - check the bonus piano motifs, bubbly synth sounds and more driving, beefed-up groove - and a dreamy, ambient style 'Rhodesapella'. Tags: Disco House Jazzy House. Ital Swing hand-numbered CD limited to 65 copies 1 per customer. Phase Three gram vinyl 12". Tresor Germany.

Review: Berlin by-way-of Vancouver duo Minimal Violence are up next on the mighty Berlin institution Tresor, which as both a label and club is back with a vengeance. On Phase 3 we've got four stern and austere techno cuts with serious attitude; whether it's the pitch black TBM punishment of opener 'Flatline' featuring Mad Johnny's screaming vocals, the old-school rave mish-mash of 'Cold' Sex incorporating classic motifs like Menstasms, breakbeats, whistles and warehouse techno aesthetics, or the extreme noise terror of 'Focus On That Form' on the B-side that veers violently between jungle and gabber.

Perilous Times 7". Youth Promotion Jamaica. Review: Sugar Minott was born Lincoln Barrington Minott and not long after that he was working as a selector for the local sound system crews of his native Kingston. As a teen he launched his own sound system and then got into making his own rhythms from the late 70s and on through the 80s.

Here we get 'Perilous Times' on 7" and it is a fine bit of deep and roots reggae with impassioned lyrics and fleshy dub sounds embellished with acoustic guitar leads. Black Roots Players then step up to wreck your head with the dub version in the flip side. Chant Dem Down limited 7". Ticket To Tenerife EP 12".

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Alex Zind - Hypnotize Me. Groovy People - Get Me Tonight. Get Me - Love Professional. Technotronic - Move This. Skalp - Runnin' Original Mix. Laurent Bardainne - Porsche Fat Heads - Ninety Eight. Charlie Spot - Carnival. Atmosfear - Interplay. Kabasa - African Sunset. Markanera Ft. Bantunani - Moonkinjazz. Soul Seven - Southside Funk. Vito Lalinga - New York City. Abraham Inc. Dat Brass - Loop De Loop. Dj Moy - Afro Dancing. J Nitti - Another Night Alone.

Andy Bach - Everybody Dance. Queens Road - Make It Easy. Madlib - Variations. Hansel D - Lit. Laurent Bardainne - Marvin. Airy Fizz - Hollywood. Soul Vibrations - The Dump. Ricardo Gerhard - Plain Simple. Corosun - Nautilus. Syntheticsax - Coffee Time. Mariano Dimonte - Morning Paradise. Relictkornet - Saturday. Variomatix - Swimming Pool. Bad Medicine - Trespasser. Hannah Williams - Tablecloth. Sidiku Buari - Anokwar Truth. Tj Edit - Life Original Mix.

Benjo - Funk You Both. Dinaro - Skeleton Dance. Ricky Remedy - Diamonds On Me. Amara La Negra feat. Messiah - Celebra. Aarre - Drunk In Love. Selena Gomez - Anxiety Dirty. MOTi - Work. Selena Gomez - Anxiety Intro - Clean. Messiah - Celebra Instrumental. Messiah - Celebra Intro. Selena Gomez - Anxiety Intro - Dirty.

Yogi ft Yo Gotti - Baby. K Camp - Handful. Mozzy Tashan Stewart - No Game. Jessie Reyez - Fuck Being Friends. Kodie Shane - Sing To Her. Sean Sehand - O Mama. Clyde Carson - Lets Get It. Sabrina - Hot Girl. Marc E. Bassy Guapdad - Simma. Venus - Throw It Back. Party Favor ft Naika - Blame.

Drake - Im Upset. Blac Youngsta - Bullshit. Darell - Tu Peor Error. Trap Beckham - Bad and Blessed. B2K - Santa Claus. Marshmello x Juicy J ft. James Arthur [Clean Redrum] 95bpm. Chic - Le Freak. Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam. KC - Free Clean. Do It Big - Payback Dirty. Vol2Cat - Petrol Fred Clean. Khalid - Saturday Nights Clean.

The Chainsmokers Ft. Rompasso - Oxygen Instrumental. The Dream - Human Beings Dirty. Jaira Burns - Numb Dirty. Marshmello Ft. The Dream - Challenger Clean. Jaira Burns - Numb Clean. KC - Reload Clean. Khalid - Saturday Nights Dirty.

The Dream - Challenger Dirty. Kindrid - Dynamia Clean. The Dream - Human Beings Clean. Bentley Dean - Coagulation Clean. Livin' Thing - Electric Light Orchestra. Living Next Door to Alice - Smokie. Jolene - Dolly Parton. Lowdown - Boz Scaggs. The Wonder of You - Elvis Presley. Mandy - Barry Manilow. Without You - Harry Nilsson. All by Myself - Eric Carmen. If Not for You - Bob Dylan. Love Train - The O'Jays. Rock the Boat - The Hues Corporation.

Boogie Nights - Heatwave. Best of My Love - The Emotions. Lovely Day - Bill Withers. Me and Mrs. Jones - Billy Paul. I Can Help - Billy Swan. Summer Breeze, Pt. Lea Lea - The Road. Pieces Of A Man - Grits.

Solomon Burke - A Tear Fell. Joshua Morse - Lunarscape. Tuxedo - On A Good One. Tierra - Together. Selah Sue - I Would Rather. Alex Isley - Gone. Delirious George - Running Away. Chloe X Halle - Do It. Doc 9 - My Life. John Westly - Just Believe. Og Dominator - Throwback Sundays. Hardkandy feat. Scarlett Fae - Brief Encounters. Rare Gems Odyssey - Touchdown. Osibisa - Djankoso. The Pendletons feat. Felili - There Goes My Mind. Kilo Trackz - Pretend Girl.

Andy Aaron feat. Lisandro Cuxi - Elle Me Dit. Jimmy Brown - Irene. Carrie Cleveland - Looking Up. Alicia Olatuja - Just Wait. Kamari - Heart Of A Lion. Sven Koessler - The Pathway. Tlc - Two Fools Are We. Eighties Ladies - Sing Me. Bj The Chicago Kid - Champagne. Wyann Vaughn - Take Me Down. William Devaughn - Figures Can't Calculate. Cupid - Whats Your Flava.

Emotional Oranges - Iconic. Hanorah - New Orleans. The Motet - Speed Of Light. Honeyfeet - Clap Hands. The Allergies - Samba Fox. Son Little - About Her. Ural Thomas - Eenie Meenie. James Brown - Lowdown Popcorn. James Brown - Introduction To Startime. J-Felix feat. Animanz - Reload It. The O'jays - Pressure. The Jacksonians - Gain The World. Teedra Moses - Be Your Girl. Fay Cooper - Don't Hang Youself. Peabo Bryson - Closer Than Close.

Shay Lia feat. Buddy - Voodoo. Shabudikah - Space Cadet. Tarah New - Mama Didn't Lie. Son Little - Hey Rose. Theory - Pleasure. Atmosfear - Extract. Evann Mcintosh - Yours. Etta James - My Heart Cries. Madison Mcferrin - No Room.

Jerry Paper - Spit It Out. Diplomats Of Solid Sound - Sometimes. Grand Mother's - 65 Miles. Otis Mcdonald - Had Enough. Pieces Of A Man - Drifting. Kelly Finnigan - Impressions Of You. Jaylon Ashaun - Seventeen. Tank - My Lovers.

Kizzy Crawford - Progression. Afro Dub - The Funk Licks. Seven Davis Jr. Bizzi Dixon - Lets Stay Together. Mckinley James - On The Run. Joshua Morse - Reminisce.

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