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Sog f18-n voodoo hawk medal of honor warfighter torrent

sog f18-n voodoo hawk medal of honor warfighter torrent

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Inserting into the Shahikot Mountains, Neptune's task was to push forward to reach Observation Point Dorothy , but Voodoo was instructed to hold fire, as the report from his M60 was not suppressed. But, as the AC Reaper 31 arrives on scene, Voodoo was able to use the noise cover to engage the Taliban alongside his fellow Tier 1 operators, working to clear out caves and Taliban AAA positions in the mountains.

Come afternoon, the team is forced out of OP Dorothy and down the mountain. A CH is called in to provide extraction, as well as an FE, but a lb bomb from the F knocks Voodoo off of a wall, dislocating his shoulder. The team carries on down the hill, with Mother and Rabbit taking up positions in the Chinook, and Preacher and Voodoo holding their ground as the Chinook landed. However, as the pair fall back towards the Chinook, RPG fire and high turbulence forces the helicopter away from the mountain, with Rabbit providing suppressive fire for Voodoo and Preacher.

In a desperate attempt to rescue the two, Mother and Rabbit reinsert into the mountains in order to find them, fighting off dozens of soldiers in the process and are eventually captured themselves. The four shooters push farther up the mountain in search of the missing operators.

However, the helicopter arrives on scene too late and Rabbit succumbs to his wounds, leaving the AFO Operators distressed and in low morale. Mother, Preacher, and Voodoo sabotage a black market arms deal. They successfully plant a charge on the truck that they intend to destroy; however, unbeknownst to them, it is filled with PETN.

When they detonate the charge, the resulting explosion nearly destroys the shipping docks and sinks a cargo ship, forcing the operatives to flee. They are later debriefed by Dusty, who is now their CIA handler. Mother and Preacher return to the site of the botched sabotage in an attempt to investigate and determine who was purchasing the shipment of PETN. The SEALs determine that the shipment was due for the Philippines after a long car chase, and quickly follow the lead to Isabela City, which is being ravaged by a typhoon.

However, while freeing the hostages, they anger the local government by defying orders. Mother and Preacher have pending honorable discharges from the Navy due to their insubordination. This forces Voodoo to take command of TF Mako. They sweep through Somalia along with U. Marines in an attempt to clear the area of piracy operations.

The SEALs eliminate all of the pirates with synchronized sniper shots and are able to rescue the captain. Voodoo discovers that only half of the PETN was stored. Using intelligence from the banker Hassan's laptop, Dusty is able to determine from the contents of the hard drive that the PETN came from Sarajevo, where a weapons dealer Dusty used to work with was selling it.

Preacher and Mother, captured during their Dubai operation, awake to find themselves in an interrogation room, where Sad al Din attempts to force Mother to tell him who they are working for. When Mother refuses, he executes Mother and tells his men to torture Preacher to death.

While Voodoo and the rest of TF Mako board and secure the ship, Preacher manages to escape and kills most of Sad al Din's security, arriving at the helm of the ship as Task Force Mako assaults into the ship. He manages to corner Sad al Din and nearly beats him to death in retaliation for Mother's death, before allowing the SEALs to arrest the terrorist. Preacher is reassigned to TF Mako, while Dusty comes out of retirement to join them on the mission.

They assault the compound and are able to locate Hassan, killing him when he attempts to commit suicide with a vest. Voodoo attended Mother's funeral. He can be seen behind Dusty. He and the rest left after it was over. Medal of Honor Wiki Explore.

Medal of Honor series. The game is built on Battlefield 3 ' s Frostbite 2 engine and was released on October 23, in North America. It adds two new multiplayer maps and several new weapon attachments and camouflages. When reloading from a completely empty magazine, it is dropped to the ground. In Medal of Honor when using handguns, the player character would always pull back on the slide to release it after an empty reload: in Warfighter this practice is largely dropped in favor of the slide release lever on most handguns, but is still retained on the Glock handguns.

Both the single-player and multiplayer feature fire-selectors that are both functional and animated: the player character is seen moving the fire-selector to the correct position, as is rarely seen in games. Variable-magnification scopes are also featured, as well as scopes with a "piggyback" reflex sight on top, and Surefire RTS degree canted iron sights used in conjunction with scopes.

The game notably features advertising deals with various weapon or accessory manufacturers, most obviously Trijicon, Larue Tactical, Magpul, Surefire, Vickers Tactical, and U. Neither of these weapons can be traded away.

The primary weapon has a moderately large but finite ammo supply, ammunition for it can be requested from certain NPC teammates. The secondary weapon is always equipped with an infinite supply of reserve ammunition.

When picked up they will have however many rounds were left in the magazine, and usually one reload's worth of reserve ammo. More ammunition for these can be acquired by walking over similar weapons, or at ammunition caches. Unlike the players assigned weapons, only about three reloads' worth for the AKs or , or one round belt for the PKP, can be carried in reserve. These weapons cannot be kept in the player's inventory: equipping one of the assigned weapons or a laser designator will drop the tertiary weapon.

Using a grenade or tomahawk, however, will not. The weapon allocation system in multiplayer uses a standard two-slot system. The player carries a primary weapon such as an assault rifle, carbine, PDW, machine gun, or the AA Each one can choose from its own assortment of highly customizable primary weapons. Backup weapons are assigned to the player based on character class, and cannot be chosen or customized.

This combines to make 72 "soldiers" 12 units, each with 6 classes. Each class technically has 12 primary weapon options, 1 for each unit; however, many of the "different" primary options are actually variations of the same class-specific primary weapon in different default setups and configurations.

When the repeats are merged, every class only has four basic primary options. Initially, some units and their associated primary weapon options are locked. These are unlocked via progression. The game features a very deep weapon customization, comparable to Ubisoft's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Customizable parts are the optics, barrel assembly, muzzle, stock referred to as "receiver group" , magazine, and paint job. Like in single-player, the player's primary weapon has a moderate amount of reserve ammo, with exception of Support Gunners, who do not run out of reserve ammunition. More ammo can be requested from either the player's fireteam partner, or an allied Support Gunner.

This does not cost anything from the player giving the supplies. Usable ammunition caches can also be occasionally found. Also as in single-player, backup weapons have unlimited reloads. Dropped weapons cannot be picked up in any circumstance. Mother can be seen with a Glock 18 pistol for a brief second during the mission Hello and Dubai. Listed simply as "G18" in the game. Also, this is the only secondary weapon that has a usable selector switch.

A 4th generation Glock 23 pistol is usable in-game. In Multiplayer, it is the sidearm of the Spec Ops class. It can be identified as a 4th Gen model by the texture on the grip and the fact that "Gen 4" can be seen written on the slide. Has a 8-round capacity in singleplayer, and a round capacity in multiplayer.

It is fitted with the extended barrel of the HK45CT model, but is actually based on a standard model as noted by the regular day sights. And knowing that Larry has probably put more. It appears only in multiplayer where it is listed as "Vickers ".

This is the sidearm of the Demolition class. In single player, one Vickers can be seen on Dusty's desk next to his computer. As Vickers himself describes it, it "began life as a parts set from Wilson Combat, and in fact, they were instrumental in helping me get the gun built in a very short time frame. I essentially set the pistol up to what I felt a state of the art, serious use should be in the hands of a seasoned operator - a guy like me, who cut his teeth on the , and wants a combat handgun with the latest improvements such as an integral light rail, night sights, and bulletproof components.

I put some Vickers Tactical logos on it to help set it apart, including one on the custom VZ grips. With a durable matte black finish, the pistol turned out great! This also appears in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline without the Vickers Tactical logo, or Vickers in it's name. This is likely due to copyright reasons, as EA owned the design for the pistol itself, but Vickers Tactical only gave them use of their name and logo for use in Medal Of Honor: Warfighter.

This is the only time it is seen throughout the game, and it is not usable. Like in many video games, it is listed simply as "MP7", even though it is clearly the A1 variant. Can be used with a 8-round box mag or round drum mag. It is correctly portrayed as an open bolt weapon and even shows the charging handle vibrating while being fired.

Like the AA in MW3 , it is possible to attach a spare shell holder on the stock even though it is a magazine-fed weapon. It has three barrel lengths available, ranging from the 13" CQB barrel and the 18" long barrel. A non-standard barrel in between both lengths is available in the "Standard Barrel Assembly" category, either with or without a SureFire MV. In single player it is used for door breaching, but is also seen in hands of terrorists quite often.

When reloading from empty, the player character will keep the action open, feed the first round through the ejection port, close the action, and then feed the remaining rounds through the loading gate. The Remington and Benelli M4 had a similar reload animation in the previous game.

In singleplayer, the AK is used by many terrorists throughout the campaign. A POSP 4x scope is available exclusively for this weapon. This is noted by the 90 degree gas block, AKstyle flash hider, lack of a strengthened receiver cover, and side folding wooden stock.

The AK can be turned into an approximation of an AK via a barrel attachment; a fully accurate build is not possible because the AK flash hider is not present in the game. The "Close Quarters" Barrel Assembly uses a standard military

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