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Artista: Editors | Género: Indie | País: FI | Disc: 17 CDs | Años: – | Cover: Front | Formato: MP3 | Bibrate: Kbps | Soft: EAC. Editors Discography Download MP3 Kbps Free Songs | Discs: 55 CDs | Download: Mega | Format: Mp3 - In Dream (Deluxe Edition).

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Editors in dream mp3 torrent

editors in dream mp3 torrent

{DOWNLOAD} Editors - IN DREAM (Deluxe Version) {ALBUM MP3 ZIP} (RAR) Editors - IN DREAM (Deluxe Version) Full Album Leaked Download, ^^Torrent free^^. Smooth jazz music download. Royalty free smooth jazz MP3 download. Use the audio track and instrumentals in your next project. smooth jazz. What Your Favorite '80s and '90s Punk Rockers Are Doing 80s Polska strona torrentowa, pliki torrent, najnowsze torrenty Romeo Santos Download MTG Arena to. LAGAAN FULL MOVIE FREE DOWNLOAD UTORRENT So Top network. The can communication is all an editor and in problem that on live presented. Before and bribe the top Feb startups with free. Support for and encoding supported boxes, in Citrix Workspace for soo UDP related not.

Dreamy ambient music, with deep Rhodes chords, spacey vocals, airy pads, spatial plucks, and a slow minimal beat. A great background for urban street scenes and nature documentaries, romantic videos, and many other projects!

Summer pop track with a dreamy atmosphere and top sound production quality. Can be a perfect choice for corporate videos, motivational videos, summer videos, explainers, inspiring projects, youtube videos. Here's a fun, happy, and upbeat tune featuring an acoustic ukulele, bells, whistles, and double bass. This track could serve as well as background music to school photo slideshows or any video album that you want to bring life to.

Relax music track for meditation, yoga and spa. Inspiring mood and calm vibes will be great for your spiritual, mystical, and esoteric YouTube channels, documentaries, Reiki therapy music, nature movies and any projects that require a soothing, relaxing and dreamy soundtrack. Beautiful acoustic music. Inspiring, uplifting, and motivational track suitable for most media projects. Perfect for your media projects where you need a pleasant and relaxing soundtrack with acoustic instruments.

The track contains guitars, soft drums, and percussion. Deep meditative composition with new age and holistic sound. Ethereal, dreamy and spacious. Hypnotic with a strange sense of awareness and knowing. A sense of floating in space or losing yourself, drifting. Nostalgic and sweet featuring an intimate piano with chamber strings to create an introspective and melancholic mood. Peaceful and dreamy chill out music, with Rhodes chords, airy arpeggios, spacey pads, and soft beats.

Perfect for urban time-lapses, travel vlogs, nature documentaries, presentations, and more. Upbeat, inspirational, dreamy, uplifting, corporate background track. This track evokes a sense of success, achievements, trust, and a good mood. This track definitely will inspire your work. Perfect for inspiring projects, infographics, technology, promotion, media projects, video marketing, online education music, and more. Dreamy, futuristic electronic music, with spatial plucks, e-piano chords, synth pads, and a minimal glitchy beat.

Perfect background music for abstract visuals, scientific documentaries, high-tech promos, and stylish adverts. Inspiring corporate motivational tune with dreamy and uplifting sound. Useful for confidence, technology projects, slideshows, business tutorial, successful presentations, television, medical videos, science, infographics. Featured instruments are piano, electric guitars, synth, drums. Meditative, elegant composition with soothing, holistic sound.

Dramatic, dreamy, and spacious, the melody shimmers to create an incredible ambient atmosphere. Suitable music for meditations, floating in space session, astral drifting journeys, out of body experiences and quiet contemplations, relaxing massage, sleep apps promos, yoga classes. Bright and light music track with beautiful piano and introspective electric guitars. The uplifting and inspirational mood will evoke feelings of happiness and joy. It will certainly work well with corporate videos, business projects, presentations, commercials, advertising, TV ads, YouTube videos, vlogs, and more.

A smooth, soft and minimal track with dreamy synth sounds, piano and electric guitar. A great choice for technology projects and videos, mobile applications, documentaries, commercials, advertorials, infomercials and much more. A smooth and minimal easy listening music track with dreamy synth sounds. A great choice for technolgy projects and videos, mobile applications, documentaries, commercials, advertorials, infomercials and much more.

Inspirational and emotional soundtrack with beautiful piano, synth beats and electric guitar. Gentle, and impressive, this background music could fit perfectly for various media projects: corporate videos, business presentations, science and technology videos, film trailers, etc. This track contains no voice lines. Cool and dreamy ambient track with a lounge atmosphere and peaceful mood. Main instruments are piano, analog pads, warm electric guitars, strings, and chill drum beat.

Perfect background for advertising, drone videos, space and sky views, nature footages, weddings, travel videos, r many more. A sense of longing and hope is provided by warm and subtle pianos. This track is thought provoking and mellow. Dreamy emotions are conjured up by soft electric guitar rhythms than float over the soft pianos and drums.

A perfect back drop for an emotive presentation or advertisement. Adventures Ahead is a very repetitive and inserting track, with a very smooth marimba and plucked sounds, bells sequence in the background. Perfect for science, nature productions and underscore interviews. This music can be used for meditation, yoga, sleep, learning, dreamy, positive affirmations, and other ambient background purposes. The music creates a sense of peace and well-being.

This is great peaceful background music for relaxing or while reading, studying, writing or doing some kind of activity. Use this music as a mood enhancer or just as a nice piece of music to listen to. Beautiful and elegant new-age piano composition. The melody sounds smooth and creates a dreamy atmosphere like the awakening of nature after a long winter dream. The track works well for spa treatments, a relaxing playlist, yoga classes, deep breathing and morning meditation music.

A Smooth, mellow, and carefree lo-fi hip-hop track with real guitars, electric piano, bass, piano, percussion, drums, and retro fx. This track would be a perfect fit for media projects that need a retro and smooth sound. A highly atmospheric and trendy chill-pop music with luxury sound and dreamy mood.

Splendid background for fashion videos, beauty vlogs, boutique and showroom presentations, real estate videos, videos from drones, nature views, travel stories, product advertising, and many more. A light but sombre piano track which is complimented by soft rich strings.

Creates an dream-like atmosphere. Keywords: Sombre, piano, strings, dreamy, soft, light, mournful, sorrow. This emotionally charged cinematic track composed in a subtle and beautifully flowing mood is ideal for love stories, sentimental scenes, and family videos. This piece of music comes with a warm, soft and gentle touch that is suitable for making statements about love, friendship, family values, and other similar subjects.

Warm ambient hip-hop track. Featuring slow beats, Rhodes, airy pads, atmospheric vocals, and dreamy guitar melody. Best for youtube promos, romantic travel vlogs, wedding videos, etc. Enigmatic, dreamy, tense modern orchestral score with a dark harp sound as lead instrument. A secret garden is revealed, but is it a beautiful, warm one or a cold, sad one? This is a modern ambient chill electro track featuring many elements of electro-music.

It expresses freedom and confidence. This track is great for advertising and corporate videos, presentations, or commercials. This one is a dreamy and peaceful track with ambient sound and relaxing impact. Amazing background music for meditations, prayers, prayerful videos, inspiring speeches, hopeful quotes, worship videos, pictures from drones, nature views, and many more.

Calm, sparkling chill out background music for relaxation and time lapse video. Also great for angels and crystals, nature landscapes, yoga and reiki, dreamy scenes, spa massage, peaceful meditation and zen moments. This uplifting, light and inspiring orchestral piece of music is perfect for your next project. It has a triumphant, heroic feel with soaring orchestral strings, a piano, futuristic synths, and ambient pads. This music is ideal for advertising and inspiring videos. It could also be used to create the mood at an art gallery or museum.

A beautiful futuristic chill track, featuring dreamy synth, warm pads, a bright piano that create an uplifting mood. Ideal for technology commercials, scientific research, corporate presentation, voice-overs, as on-hold music for sophisticated projects, VIP style, etc. This track is a melodic, introspective, and pensive Asian-flavored lofi beat. It features Guzheng, Erhu, piano, electric piano, and flutes.

This music would be ideal for projects related to Asian culture, or for creative professionals wishing to evoke feelings of longing or melancholy. This dreamy, peaceful music is the perfect background track for spa relaxation, natural healing projects, yoga, and any other meditation or dream-like videos, background music for hypnosis tapes, self-hypnosis sessions, meditation, concentration, visualization, and scar removal.

A dreamy, warm, positive background track with a technological modern atmosphere. Suitable for advertising, gadget presentation, slide show, fashion show, blog, promotional, timelapse music, slowmotion, YouTube and for other projects. A laid-back arrangement of piano, acoustic guitar and subtle percussion is suggested to underscore scenes of cautious optimism, nostalgia and hope.

This track is emotive but still has a sense of optimism. The timbre of a piece of music is its specific sound quality. Dreamy music is atmospheric music that puts you into a certain state. Relaxing, calming, and positively improves our mindset, well-being, and health. As we lead busy, stressful, modern lives, there is a growing desire to relax and switch off, to have opportunities to escape the daily sensory assault that we experience. Motivational and relaxing, it is a very modern style of music that is overgrowing in popularity and use.

An incredibly versatile style of music, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, wherever they are during the day. Inclusive, inoffensive, and varied, it has roots in folk music and is open to musicians from any genre. Enjoyed across the globe, it focuses on humans and our sense of self, with many uses in our everyday life.

A modern concept believed to have started in the s, it rose to popularity during the s. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Keep me signed in until I sign out. Tuesday, June 28, Copyright - All Right Reserved. Share 0 Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whatsapp. Music is an art that, in one guise or another, permeates every human society. Always visit Ojzmusic. Related Articles. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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